Apr 20

The Religion of Love – Love Fulfills All Laws


Question: What does The Religion of Love say of the law, the rules and regulations all religions must have, that man may be governed and good? Answer: In The Religion of Love there is but one law and that law is Love. All laws lead to Love and Love fulfills all law. We are all familiar with the rules and regulations that the world’s religions command, or at least are aware that religions do have many rules. It seems to me this is often a great put-off for many who approach religion who don’t want to change their lifestyle or habits. Or others have been driven away from religion, because they had been unpleasantly forced to follow such rules ad regulations since childhood, without ever knowing the meaning or purpose behind them. But boiled down to their essence, we may see the purpose behind the laws that God gives, that they are meant to bring us to Love.

God is the closest companion and ever well-wisher to each living element, to every one of us. What’s more, everything that God provides for us is eventually for our advantage. Along these lines, the Laws that God gives are intended to guide us on The Path Made Straight; to help us purge the lack of awareness that keeps us from encountering our normal, profound condition of being: Love (time everlasting, happiness, learning). Also, in coming back to our unique, otherworldly cognizance, every one of the laws given by God, are satisfied, for they all intended to bring us back home. What’s more, after these Laws, I have seen the reasonableness in them, and in comprehension, I would never again live outside the directions and standards given to me by my profound expert and God. “God is Love. What’s more, His Love is show in leniency. As God has Loved you, your siblings, sisters, all made and creation, you excessively should Love each other, and demonstrate that Love by being lenient, as God is benevolent to you.

In this way out of graciousness keep the edicts of God… Be subsequently Loving, creating no superfluous damage by any word or deed.” But it is imperative to know, that every religion contains an alternate, external instructing, of now is the right time, and along these lines by time pulverized. Also, there is the inward educating, the same in all religions, which is unceasing, and subsequently useful for unequaled. These teachings are demonstrating to us plainly proper methodologies to live by the everlasting truths given in the heart of religion, and not the brief decides that were offered by time and circumstances every time God sent His Message into the world.

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