Apr 20

Management And Case Studies


There is quite a great number of ways through which the management techniques and principles could be better impacted into potential or new managers. Case method or case analysis is one of such methods to train management students and prepare them for future challenges or better still make them to be aware of what happens at their potential working place.

Contextual analysis is about set up a situation requiring investigation and drawing out the solution(s) to the distinguished issues or difficulties. The part of contextual analysis in administration study can’t be overemphasized. It has ever remained a learning instrument as well as a preparation apparatus. Contextual analysis is said to be great issues without perfect arrangement (Nigerian Institute of Management, Chartered, 2009).

As pointed out before, contextual investigation has no perfect arrangement due to the accompanying reasons:

1. These days, administration understudies are not all around furnished with the important abilities to give right/perfect answer for the case so contemplated. This records for poor arrangements proffered by the understudies.

2. Most understudies, might be because of insufficient learning in the administration field, have a tendency to receive poor way to deal with the investigation of administration cases. Administration ideas and administration cases are not all around treated.

3. Management cases are situations and observation has incredible impact on how perusers decipher the section and apply their insight in taking care of such issues exhibited for the situation.

Administration case assumes an essential part in preparing youthful supervisors and its advantages for the organization and the director are entirely gigantic. These advantages include:

o Management case gives understudies and youthful directors with the experience of authoritative issues that they likely have not has the chance to encounter firsthand.

o It uncovers what is happening in the organization and permits the understudies to assess circumstances that particular organizations received to manage their issues.

o Management case moreover gives administration understudies the chance to partake in genuine class examination and increase involvement in exhibiting their thoughts to others.

o It likewise helps understudies and youthful chiefs to find out about the gathering process included in acting as a group.

o Management case fortifies understudy’s or chief’s capacity to distinguish business issues.

o It offers sensible preparing in critical thinking and legitimate basic leadership.

o It adds to youthful supervisors’ and administration understudies’ well off learning.

Decisively, administration cases are imperative and ought to be given more consideration at work and at our tertiary establishment in order to plan better future directors equipped for not just distinguishing issues in an association or a country, additionally fit for proffering answers for them by a method for exact and intensive investigation.

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